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New brochure Styrodur® BMB

A new brochure on Styrodur 3000 BMB presents the climate and environment-friendly thermal insulation board - produced in accordance with BASF's REDcert2 certified biomass balance process.

BASF has forged a new path with its development of the biomass balance method (BMB) for using renewable raw materials in the chemical industry. This approach allows it to replace fossil resources with renewable feedstock in its Production Verbund.

. Styrodur BMB is the thermal insulation board that protects the climate and the environment – produced according to the BASF biomass balance method certified by REDcert2. Styrodur BMB is produced by BASF using renewable instead of fossil raw materials and has the same technical properties as conventional Styrodur.

In the production of Styrodur BMB, BASF thus avoids 67% CO2 emissions compared to conventional production and contributes to a further saving of resources.

A new brochure on Styrodur 3000 BMB provides an overview of the product and process - you can download it here.

In addition, further information on BASF's biomass balance method can be found on the BASF website